Is Medical Insurance Allowed in islam?

Question: Is Medical Insurance Allowed in islam? 2nd I work in a company where by default we get insured me & my family. And a small part of the salary is taken in as a premium so we don’t have an option now in case there is a medical requirement. can I will the benefits of insurance for myself and my family.

medical insurance and islam -

Is Medical Insurance Allowed in Islam?


First part had medical insurance that allowed or not or is insurance Haram .and secondly since this company is forcing him into a policy of insurance from his salary.

I thought the first question is concerned regarding is insurance allowed or not. Insurance is not Haram it is moba. Because most of the insurance they involve interest or RIBA. They give money to Companies on interest for business.

Most of the insurance is based on Reba it’s connected with interest deferred. there are many Islamic insurance companies which I know. and to buy many that I mean which I’m aware of so if it’s based on the Islamic sharia guidelines insurance. You Search a Reputed Islamic Insurance always.

if it’s invested in a business which is not Haram. then the policies Good but most of the insurance company they keep it in a bank for safety and they take interest which becomwrong.g .

Insurance In Islam

Second, as far as in your case is working in a company and they say that you have to take out a medical insurance. and they cut from a salary. and then can you avail the benefits. see there are many things which are rules of a company . which you have an option to avail or not and some place you drive option as far as medical insurance is concerned. if the company cuts I feel if you go and approach the management and say I don’t mind insurance. but because it is haram in our community. please don’t cut my salary first thing you have to check up with the medical insurance that a company has involved in RIBA.

You can request them that suited that we choose a company which Islamic Insurance Company or Give an option to take islamic insurance. see one thing in the life insurance, Whatever premium you pay there are some crosses to it . it may be 10 years life insurance to keep on paying a fixed amount of premium every month . and if the policy matures after 10 years, if you don’t that you get the same amount back but if you die in between you may get double if an extra you may get more so depends upon the policy.

so this surely what money you give it comes back to additionally interest based most of the others also interest based and the medical insurance you pay the amount. whether you get sick or not if you don’t get figured and get the amount of back so depending on what the policies. and what is the basis of it to give you money back. because if they’re giving you money fair treatment they have to acquire from somewheres. if there’s a system where he said that everyone gives a thousand rupees and if there are hundreds of thousands of people.

and if one person gets sick you give that medal so that becomes halal but most of the insurance company don’t work like that .they take your money and they invest and they keep it in a bank and they get in test out of it so it’s the money that’s taken from you. the premium taken from you.

if it’s invested in a business which is not Haram. then the policies Good but most of the insurance company they keep it in a bank for safety and they take interest which becomes wrong .

if it’s a Haram before in the Haram category surely can go and speak to the management and say that see I know that it is for my benefit that if I give a medical insurance claim my money’s being cut maybe a few hundred rupee but any problem so you can give. and I think that please don’t cut my medication is claimed and if any medical expenses I will bear.

if you give an idea not whether any company would object and that’s the difference is people don’t go and speak to the management. that way so there’s no rule of the government that the company should take medical from you it is a policy of the company. and if able to convince to the company is a semi religion it is Haram no Muslim have a comment on them that we explain to them a majority.

I think insha Allah most of them will agree with the demand. there are many such cases which have guided people in other aspects life offering Salah .but speak in a good way that if you are taking a few minutes first lastly. I will work extra for that secret that the work is not disturb. see to it that you get better output so if performance is good. the company will not mind exceedingly requests.

Hope You Understand. Thanks & Regards.

Jazak Allah Kher.