Muslim UMMA – How to Improve Unity in the Muslim Ummah & Islamic Brotherhood

Muslim UMMA – Islamic Brotherhood

Muslim UMMA – How to Improve Unity in the Muslim Ummah & Islamic Brotherhood


muslim ummah - need to break this trend of hating each other hatred for what we are brothers in the Deen, and we have a starting point, I might dislike a deed that you are doing, but you are my brother like I say, you might hate a deed in action but the reality understands this is your brother. We are One MuslimĀ UMMAH or UMMA.

What is Muslim UMMA

today, we have everyone thinks differently. your children think differently from you your brothers and sisters think differently your parents think differently your uncles and aunts think differently your spouse thinks differently. and definitely, your in-laws are like far apart. But we all are Part of a Great Islamic Community Called Muslim UMMA.

How to Get United as Muslim Islamic UMMAH

But that does not mean we are not united with them as one UMMAH. really we care for them we stand up for them we will not say well that will hurt them, we will not mean words that will cause a problem. we won’tĀ use words that you know insulting abusive words no even if I have a problem and I want to discuss it, I should do so in a very humane way in a proper responsible respectful way.

my brother this is what I have seen. now from what I learned, this is what it is please explain to me what you have learned and word it correctly you will maintain the dignity of a person. and you will be able to understand discuss, put your viewpoint across.

and at the end of the day they may disagree with you so what they disagree but at least now they know where you stand a day will come when whoever was really correct the other will perhaps acknowledge or at least appreciate that particular viewpoint.

may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala grant us ease