What Can a Woman do if She Feels that Her Mother-in-law is Very Dominating

what can a woman do if she feels that her mother-in-law is very dominating.


How to deal with your Mother In Law in Good Manners.

if a woman feels that her mother-in-law is very dominating. . what I would advise her to do is, that :-

  1. First of all avoid conflict as much as possible.
  2. Secondly always be respectful no matter how dominating she is being.

No matter how disrespectful. she may seem do not disrespect her in return. Remember her status, she is, after all, your husband’s mother. So she deserves some respect.

So do not be disrespectful no matter how hurt or offended you are. Remember that in a hadith:-

Whoever humbles themselves because of Allah then Allah subhanaw taala will elevate them.

So do not be disrespectful. This does not mean that you don’t speak in your defense or that you don’t express yourself or that you don’t share your concerns or communicate. You should do that but do so in a respectful way/ Another thing I would advise you to do is that you should try to keep your husband out of this conflict as much as possible.

The reason is that it is a very difficult position for him to be in. Because on the one hand is his mother, who he has to respect and on the other hand is his wife. whom he has to protect and take care of. So unless it’s a very serious situation where you feel like you are being extremely disrespected. or that you are being oppressed, then you should seek his help and involve him otherwise over little things don’t involve your husband. and create unnecessary stress in your family. Hope i describe you the Best Islamic Way to How to Deal with Mother in Law.

Thanks and Jazak Allah Kher.