Why We have to read the Quran in Arabic & Correct Tajweed

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Why We have to read the Quran in Arabic & Correct Tajweed

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You have to read the Quran in Arabic. I know some people who do not speak Arabic, they say it is difficult for us. my dear brothers and sisters life is difficult even to lose weight. yeah to lose weight is difficult. Even to enjoy is difficult because if you want to enjoy something you have to spend money. if we say that everything is difficult we leave it.

Any language needs two powers.

  • The power of ear hearing
  • The power of speaking

Both have to synchronize together. so once you read yeah then those two powers will be adept with the new languages.

Reading Quran the most important thing in our life. This is life this is the nature of this life the real enjoyment with no difficulties is in the after in Jannah. So you need to learn the basics of the Quran. Prophet Sallallahu wasallam said,

The one who read the Quran. and he finds it easy and fluent on his tongue. he will be with the Angels.and the one who finds it difficult to read the Quran. he will have doubled the reward .yeah double the reward of the one who reads it what easily. not the first one who is with the angels. because that one – through the difficult time and he learned how to read fluently.

so when you read the Quran, and you find it difficult. Allah will give you double the reward. so why don’t you do it, and please don’t leave it, until its too late. because the older you become the more difficult for your tongue to adjust to any language.

You know it is well known that young people when they learn any language they pick the language quicker. They pick the accent quicker. but those who learn the language after a long time. yeah, it will be very difficult for them to adopt or to leave the accents same thing with the Quran. so that’s why force yourself to learn.

Learn with Proper Tajweed is more important. Start with short surahs and repeat one single surah number of times. listen to it number of times. Don’t go to another surah until or unless you know how to read this surah properly in the beginning. it might be difficult but with time it will become easier.

Thanks & Jazak Allah Kher.